Safeguarding policy

This policy is intended for use by any adult involved in events organised by Norwich City Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers (NCGWSD). 

As an adult member or volunteer you have a responsibility to ensure that everyone attending guild activities, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults, are protected from harm. You have a responsibility to behave in accordance with this policy, ensuring that you: 

  • Behave appropriately at all times
  • Observe every aspect of the policy established for the safety and security of children, young people and vulnerable adults 
  • Ensure that a parent or carer accompanies the person at all times, thereby avoiding unsupervised access 
  • Any reported suspicion, disclosure or allegation of child abuse is taken seriously and followed up 
  • The position of trust you hold is recognised 

The code of behaviour below is intended to give guidance on what constitutes appropriate behaviour and to ensure that the policy is implemented effectively. 

Code of behaviour 

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Set the example you would wish others to follow 
  • When working with children, young people and vulnerable adults ensure that a carer or parent is with the child, young person or vulnerable adult at all times 
  • Treat all young people equally, showing no favouritism 
  • Plan activities so more than one person is present, or at least are within sight and hearing of others 
  • Follow the recommended adult/young people ratios for meetings and activities
  • Respect the right to personal privacy of a child, young person or vulnerable adult 
  • Avoid compromising situations within a relationship of trust, eg a sexual relationship with a young person or vulnerable adult over the age of consent 
  • Ensure children, young people and vulnerable adults have the opportunity to talk about any concerns they may have 
  • Encourage others to challenge any attitudes or behaviours that are not in keeping with the expected behaviour in this policy 
  • Avoid being drawn into inappropriate attention seeking behaviour eg tantrums and crushes
  • Make everyone aware of the guild procedures for safeguarding children young people and vulnerable adults 
  • Remember this code even at sensitive moments, eg when responding to bullying, bereavement or abuse 
  • Keep other volunteers informed of where you are and what you are doing 
  • Be aware that someone may misinterpret your actions, no matter how well-intentioned 
  • Take any allegations or concerns of abuse seriously and refer immediately 

This policy may be updated from time to time. Check this page occasionally for changes.

Last updated: May 2021